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Isiro is a Canadian accessories brand making carry goods, including bags, wallets, pouches, and belts. Fusing fashion with function to elevate your everyday style. An Isiro handbag is not just an accessory – it is the finishing touch to an outfit and the trusty companion to carry all your daily essentials.

Created in 2019 by our family and 3 friends for just our passions to devote our spare times, Isiro was founded as a company in 2020 by Dr. Isaias Castro, Dr. Tommy Dalope and Dr. Ramon Zabala with the ambition to deliver the best brand in the market. 

Isiro Canada is now a company of 18 people, located in Canada, with its headquarters in Ponoka in Alberta.  Each of us comes with their story, their passions, hobbies, and fantasy.

We are committed to working with the most talented people around the world, no matter where they’re from. We design our products in Canada, and currently, manufacturers in China, India, and Bangladesh offer the best balance of quality workmanship and value we have been able to source with our strictest quality control standards where all of our products come to life. 

Our design team are meticulously detail oriented when creating our handbags – they are designed to stand the test of time and provide great functionality. Every one of our silhouettes is timeless and practical. Our Canada-based design team strives to make fashionable, affordable and functional accessories that keep you feeling organised and stylish from day to evening.

Isiro has been the home of leathers and accessories inspiration.

Shop online to discover our range of unique, of-the-moment women’s accessories – including bags, wallets, belts and more.

Known for our iconic handbags, you’ll find the perfect Isiro carry-all for any occasion. From leather tote bags, cross body bags to embellished clutch and evening bags, each style captures an imaginative spirit that is unmistakably Isiro . Our signature wallets keep you organised on-the-go, while pouches can be personalised with our clever bag straps, charms and accessories.

Season after season, Isiro creates enduring design pieces that make any look unforgettable. Our accessories are designed to be treasured today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Our customers are our number one source of inspiration.

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Fashion Design

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Marketing Manager